PUBG Mobile Lite: Tips and Tricks to Get Chicken Dinner

Taking the world by storm and even becoming the best mobile game of 2018, PUBG mobile is expanding even more as they released PUBG mobile lite for low-end devices. As the mobile game provides beautiful graphics and gameplay, it also demands massively from the devices. So it was a good move from Tencent to release a version specifically made for devices which may not be able to handle the load of the original one. The lite version of the game was an instant hit, and reached the top free game on the Google Play Store with more than 4 million downloads within a week. It is pretty impressive for a game which is just the lite version.

Basic Info on the game

The lite version is just 400 MB in size and can even run devices with 2GB RAM. It is available for free in India now and can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore.

So if you have a low-end device and are trying to get that Chicken Dinner, then just take a moment to read the article. We might be able to provide you the piece of tip you need to get that Chicken.

Tip 1 – The Main Map Is Much Smaller

The original map of Erangle is 8*8 km in size, but this one is much smaller compared to the original one. This makes a massive difference in the gameplay as the small size allows you to drop anywhere on the map. You can go to any corner of the map and loot peacefully and let your opponents take care of each other.

Tip 2: Leave The Vehicles

Vehicles play an essential role in the standard version of the game as the circle can be entirely unfavorable for you there. This map, however, would not pose the same problem because of its size. You can just reach the circle on foot, and in our experience, the vehicles are just going to give away your position. You may opt to still board them, but we would definitely not recommend the after the second circle.

Tip 3: New RPG Weapon

There is a new Rocket Propelled Grenade available in the game, which does not perform as well as it should. The damage of the weapon is not impressive as a fully kitted enemy can tank it, and he would easily know your location. On top of that, the reload time is a killer too, along with low splash damage. It does not support any attachments, so it is best to be used as a support item in squad or duos.

Tip 4: Get Those Scopes In

The map being smaller means that with even a small scope, you can spot your enemies pretty easily, so better you spot them than they do it first. A 4x will do, and an 8x is a gem in the map.

Tip 5: No Bullet Drops

Get those snipers ready and loaded as there is no bullet drop in the game. This makes VSS a very formidable weapon in the game since it can fire 20 bullets with an extended mag attached; moreover, it comes with a 4x and suppressor attached. This makes the bolt action rifles even more formidable. One shot and there you get the knock/kill. So apply these tips and get that tasty chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile Lite.

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