How to Stream PlayStation 4 to PC

The Remote Play feature permits you to play the PlayStation 4 remotely. You need to use any other devices which include PlayStation Vita, Sony Xperia smartphones, Windows computer, and the Mac. You have to set up the Remote Play feature on your PlayStation 4 to the computer. To know how you can stream both of them, then go through the instructions mentioned below.

Requirements to Setup Remote Play

·       DualShock 4 controller

·       USB cable

·       PS4 with the 3.50 System update or later

·       Computer

·       Stable internet connection of a 5 Mb/s up and down

·       PS4 Network Access

Steps to Setup PlayStation 4 to PC

·       Enable the PlayStation 4.

·       Go to the Remote Play Connection Settings tab.

·       It is given in the Settings tab.

·       Go through the checkbox, which indicates Enable Remote Play option.

·       After completing these steps, ensure that you are using the PlayStation 4 account as the primary account.

·       Go to the “PlayStation Network” option.

·       It is given in the Settings tab.

·       Choose the Account Management option.

·       Search for the option “Activate as Your Primary PS4.”

·       Select the “Activate” option.

·       Turn on the device to go to the Remote Play in case you have placed the PlayStation 4 in the sleep mode.

·       Go to the Power Save Settings option.

·       It is located in the Settings tab.

·       Select the “Set Feature Available in Rest Mode” option.

·       Go through the checkbox which indicates “Stay Connected to the Internet” and “Enable Turning on PS4 from Network” options.

Steps to Connect the PC with the PlayStation 4

·       Pair the PC to the same WiFi network as the PlayStation 4.

·       Start downloading the Remote Play for PC or Mac on the system.

·       Go through the guidelines for installing it.

·       You will need a USB cable.

·       Connect the DualShock4 controller to the computer.

·       Open the Remote Play on the system.

·       Click on the Start menu.

·       It will take a few minutes to find the PlayStation 4 on the same WiFi network.

·       In case you have put the PlayStation 4 in the rest mode, it will enable it automatically.

·       Log in to the PlayStation network by using the system.

·       Start controlling the PlayStation 4 by using the system.

·       It means that you can play a game.

·       Start using the Remote Play on any other devices which provide you the PlayStation 4 service.

Steps to Connect the PlayStation Vita or PlayStation TV with PlayStation 4

·       Enable the PlayStation TV or PlayStation Vita.

·       Start updating both the devices to its latest version.

·       Pair the device to the PlayStation Network.

·       Click on the PlayStation 4 URL option on the device.

·       Wait until the computer finds the PlayStation 4 on the network.

·       PlayStation Vita permits you to pair to the PlayStation 4 in case you are using it on a particular network.

·       Firstly, you need to sync both the devices.

·       In case the computer is not able to search for the PS4, then you need to find it manually.

·       Open the PlayStation 4.

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