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McAfee antivirus software is a cybersecurity utility which provides protection to our system from viruses, malware, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, and from other threats. To get the McAfee antivirus on your device, then you need to visit for downloading, installing and activating McAfee product.

How to Download McAfee Setup?

Download the McAfee product after purchasing it from the McAfee official website and retail store. Here are the steps are given below to start the download procedure of McAfee setup on your device:

•    Restart the computer- Mac, or Smartphone and wait until it starts.

•    By going to the toolbar, press on the internet browsing application symbol.

•    Go to the new page which is located in the internet browsing application.

•    Click on the link

•    Move to the top corner of the McAfee home-page.

•    You need to select the “Country” which is given in the countries list.

•    Now, the other option you have to select is the “Language” which is given in the languages list.

•    After that, select the “region.”

•    Make a McAfee account, in case you are not a registered user.

•    Then, tap on the “Log in” option, you will get this option in the download page of McAfee setup.

•    Click on the “Create an account” button located in the sign n webpage.

•    Enter the email ID which you had created while making a new McAfee account.

•    Then, provide other information like first or last name, birth date, password and many more.

•    Create a long password by adding numbers, alphabets, and special characters in it.

•    You have to verify the account which you had created in McAfee.

•    Sign in to the new or old account of McAfee.

•    Agree on the legal policies which are provided for downloading the McAfee setup on the device.

•    Tap on “Download” button.

•    Choose the option which is suitable for your McAfee installation.

•    Permit the McAfee setup to complete its download procedure.

How to Install McAfee Setup

The download procedure cannot be completed without the installation of McAfee setup. So go through its installation procedure and click on the “downloads” folder to get the downloaded McAfee setup there. Follow the steps for the installation procedure of McAfee setup:

•    Now, you have to find the McAfee setup which you had downloaded during the downloading procedure.

•    Select the McAfee setup by going to the documents and then, “downloads” folder.

•    Tap twice the downloaded McAfee setup.

•    Visit the User Account Control window.

•    On that page, click on the “Yes” option.

•    Sign in to the account which you had created on McAfee earlier.

•    Enter the email ID and password you had registered with the McAfee page.

•    Click on the “Install” option. This option is for going through its installation procedure.

•    Read the instructions given on the McAfee installation page.

•    After going through the instructions, the installing process of McAfee will get started.

•    Wait till the McAfee gets installed on your device, and then restart your device to move to the next steps provided below.

How to Activate McAfee Setup

Activate the McAfee product with its product code which is provided on the registered email ID and inside the compact disk of McAfee product. Here are the steps are given below to start the activation of the McAfee product:

•    Go to the installed McAfee setup.

•    Press on the “documents” and after that, click “downloads” folder.

•    You will get the installed McAfee setup on the above-mentioned folder.

•    Open the installed McAfee setup.

•    Click on the “Activate” option located in the top left corner of the McAfee home-page.

•    Otherwise, go to the official website of McAfee which is

•    Now, enter the 25-digit alphanumeric McAfee identification key.

•    Press on the “Enter” button.

•    After that, sign in to the linked account with McAfee.

•    Go through the instructions given on the McAfee screen.

•    Then, the McAfee product will get activated on your device.