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Go to McAfee Activate

McAfee Activate

To activate McAfee, redeem your retail card at in just 3 easy steps: 1. Enter McAfee activation code 2. Log in, and 3. Get protected.

Go to

Are you getting errors when you try to activate your subscription? Then read on to get step by step guide to solve McAfee activation errors.

Go to Redeem Retail Card

Redeem Retail Card

Simple steps for McAfee license keycode redemption (via, which is used to download, install, and activate your McAfee activate antivirus.

Go to and enter your product key for mcafee activation installation process.You can out you key in the fields to activate your product.

McAfee gives security to your personal documents and protects your computer and data. It is one of the most widespread privacy and security antivirus.  This antivirus stops the viruses, protects your personal detail, privatizes your browsing history, blocks advertisements and controls your cookies and social media passwords. If you wish to get the McAfee antivirus on your device, then visit and activate with your product key.

Steps for Downloading McAfee antivirus

Purchase the McAfee product by going to the retail store or visiting the official website. Once you have purchased the McAfee product, then go through its download process which is listed below:

•        Open the official website link

•        Now, you need to press on “My Account” options given in the upper right-hand side of the home page of McAfee antivirus. This option is near to the “Cart” button.

•        After that, you have to go to “Log in” button and then type the linked email ID with McAfee and protected password in the required section.

•        Press on the “Sign In” button which is of cherry color provided at the end left-hand side of the computer display.

•        In case the users like to save the email ID and password details on the Norton home-page, go through the section which is named as “Remember me.”

•        Create a new account by typing the first or last name, email address and create a password which contains the alphabet, numbers and special characters.

•        The users can take a subscription of the McAfee promo codes if they want to.

•        Hit on the “I Agree” button on the download McAfee window.

•        One can download lots of products of McAfee and place the product into the “Cart” section.

•        Check the policies given in the McAfee download window and after that, press on the “I Agree” button.

•        After that, the download procedure gets started on your computer.

Steps for Installing McAfee antivirus

Installation procedure can be done when you have completed the downloading process. Go to downloads folder and launch the downloaded setup of McAfee. The steps are given below to start the installation procedure of McAfee:

•        Open the folder where you had downloaded the McAfee setup.

•        After finding the downloaded setup by going to downloads folder, click twice on the McAfee setup.

•        Choose the “language” to set it as your default language and “country” where you are living recently.

•        Agree on the policies before the installation procedure of McAfee antivirus.

•        After that, press on the “Install” button given in the installation window.

•        After completing the installing process, press on the “Close” button to shut down the installation window.

•        Start your computer again before moving to the activation procedure.

Steps for Activate McAfee antivirus

Keep the identification key with you for the activation of McAfee product either get it from the registered email address or from the compact disk cover. The steps are listed below for the activation of the McAfee product:

•        The users have to enter the official site link

•        Then, open the inbox of your mail and click on the activation link to get the McAfee product key. Additionally, go to the purchased McAfee setup CD and look on its cover for the McAfee product key.

•        Open the “taskbar” and after that, press on the “McAfee downloaded setup” symbol. This symbol is located in the “Dock” and after that, click on the “Finder” option to get the downloaded McAfee setup

•        Click twice on the McAfee setup and let the setup gets open.

•        Now, you need to press on the “Activate” button.

•        Pasting the 25-digit alphanumeric activation key in the activating window of McAfee.

•        Type the product key and the McAfee product will complete its activating process.

McAfee Activate Is Easy via Retailcard?

Few tips on how to Activate McAfee.

Mcafee activate at is simple through retailcard. In 3 steps you can get started with McAfee security. 1 >> Enter your code. 2 >> Log in and, 3 >> Get protected. When you go to a retail store or a retail site to buy a McAfee product these days, you are often offered retail cards. Such McAfee retail card allows you to download your security product from the Internet instead of installing it from a CD. The benefit of having a retail card is that you get the most recent version of your product.